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jeu, mars 05, 2015

A Journey to Elsewhere: Spiritual Travel and the Quest for Authenticity Workshop

Location | lieu: University of Ottawa | Université d'Ottawa

Workshop Description | Description de l'atelier:

The aim of this workshop is to consider the phenomenon of yoga travel to India as an instance of a broader genre of 'spiritual travel' involving journeys to places 'elsewhere' which are imagined to offer the possibility of profound personal transformation. These imaginings are tied up in a continuation of the exoticisation of the East, but are not limited to that. We have identified themes of authenticity, suffering, space, material markers and the idea of the 'spiritual,' to name a few, in our observations of this phenomenon. It is these, and myriad other, dimensions that we aim to explore together.

Organisers | Organisatrices: Lori G. Beaman and Sonia Sikka (University of Ottawa | Université d'Ottawa)

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