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Team Member Projects at a Glance

Seven Years of Research: Team Member Projects at a Glance


Our Team Members have produced much thought-provoking research over the span of our seven-year project. Funded through a competitive granting cycle each year, team members have conducted research across national and international contexts, with critical and creative research initiatives that attend to the core goals of the Religion and Diversity Project.  


Lori G. Beaman, "Uncovering Everyday Negotiations: Exploring Best and Worst Practices"
James A. Beckford and Benjamin L. Berger, "Religious Diversity in the prisons of Canada and England & Wales"
Pascale Fournier, "Comparative Law at the Intersection of Religious and Secular Orders: The Muslim Talaq in Israel"
Solange Lefebvre, "The Public Management of Religious Diversity in Quebec and Ontario"
Barbara Thériault, "L’aumônerie de prison. Le cas de l’établissement de détention Tanguay"


Peter Beyer, Solange Lefebvre, Patrice Brodeur, Kim Knott, Prema Kurien, Susan Palmer, Sam Reimer, Gary Bouma and Michael Wilkinson, "A Web-based Survey Instrument on Religious Identity (I, II, III, IV)"
Pamela Dickey Young and Heather Shipley, "Religion, Gender and Sexuality among Youth in Canada"


Christopher Helland, "Religion and Media"
Solange Lefebvre, "Religion et sphère publique au Canada: Éducation"
Barbara Thériault, "La religiosité et le corps des détenues"
Michael Wilkinson, "Asian Christians in Vancouver"


Pascale Fournier, "La médiation familiale et le droit religieux au Liban: regards du droit et voix des femmes"
Christopher Helland, David Michels, Lori Beaman, Heather Shipley, Solange Lefebvre, Anna Halafoff, Kim Knott, Teemu Taira, Elizabeth Poole and Peter Horsfield, "Religion in the Media: An International Comparison: Religion in an Ordinary Day"
Pamela Klassen, "Digital Dissemination of Spiritual Invention of a Nation: Media and Missionaries on Indian Land"
Nancy Nason-Clark, "Religion and Diversity in the Classroom and Beyond"
Michael Wilkinson and Sam Reimer, "Christian Churches and Immigration: Integration and Identity"


Pascale Fournier, "Le sécularisme et les femmes de minorité religieuse"
Pamela Klassen, "Digital Dissemination: 'Story Nations'"
Barbara Thériault, "La religion en miniature : de la prison à la maison de transition"


Paul Bramadat, "Cascadian Spirituality: Religion, Nature, and Social Inclusion in the Pacific Northwest"
Christopher Helland and Anna Halafoff, "Mediating the Tibet Resettlement Project in Canada: An Assessment of the Impact of New Media on Religion and Diversity"
Solange Lefebvre, "Radicalisation et contre/dé-radicalisation : une analyse des politiques publiques et de débats médiatiques au Québec et au Canada"
Barbara Thériault, "La religion en miniature : chroniques radiophoniques"
Rukhsana Ahmed, "Religion and Organ Donation: Knowledge and Attitudes toward Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation among Christians Living in Canada"


Michael Wilkinson, "Views of Diversity in a Korean Congregation: A Follow-up Study"

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Team Members' Publications

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