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Student Projects at a Glance

Seven Years of Research: Student Projects at a Glance

Through a competitive funding program, Graduate Research Grants, Religion and Diversity Project students were able to seek support for their research thus enabling them to conduct fieldwork, textual or archival research, with support by the Project.  Learn more about the diverse and innovative graduate programs by reading through the Fact Sheets below.


Helge Årsheim, "Legal Forms of the Religious Life"

Catherine Holtmann, "Immigrant Women, Social Networks and Religion"

Tanja Riikonen, "Des identités musulmanes : analyse discursive des négociations identitaires d'étudiantes universitaires et immigrantes en Finlande et au Québec"

Giomny H. Ruiz, "Religion, médias et identité. L’intégration des jeunes immigrants cubains de première génération au Canada"


Paul Gareau, "Journeying to the Father: Researching Faith and Identity in a Contemporary Catholic Youth Movement in Canada"

Andréanne Laverdière, "L’évolution de la représentation de la religion au sein des manuels scolaires à Taïwan : quelle éducation à la diversité?"

Adam Lyons, "Karma and Punishment: Prison Chaplaincy in Japan"

Justin Stein, "The history of the growing number of Canadians who identify as 'spiritual, but not religious'"


Alyshea Cummins, "Redefining Islam in Canada: An Ismaili Muslim Movement"

Cimminnee Holt, "A Tribe of Outsiders: A Study on the Church of Satan"

Sara Ludin, "Courts in the Age of the Reformations: Germany in the Sixteenth Century"

Rosaria Maria Tagliente,"La religion au quotidien. Ethnographie de la religion vécue dans le contexte urbain de Taranto (Italie)"


Jason M.W. Ellsworth, "Taiwan to PEI and Back Again: Global Buddhism and Soy Production"

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