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Re/posing the 'Muslim Question'

Thu, June 26, 2014

Event / Évènement: Re /posing the 'Muslim Question': A Two Day Workshop

Location / lieu: Memorial University of Newfoundland

Oganizers: Jennifer Selby and Lori Beaman

This international workshop emerges from a collaborative research project on the everyday practices of negotiation among self-described Muslims in St. John’s, NL, Canada. Co-investigators Jennifer Selby (MUN), Lori Beaman (U Ottawa) and Abdie Kazemipur (U Lethbridge) and graduate students Jennifer Williams (MUN) and Caitlin Downie (U Ottawa) conducted interviews that captured a complex picture of diversity, dissent, negotiation, provocation, humour, education and orthodoxy in this one-mosque island city.

This workshop will work through our shared research to think about what some social scientists have called the "Muslim Question." Anne Norton (2013), Lori Beaman (2012), Wendy Brown (2011) and others have recently argued that tensions/negotiations/debates related to Muslims in the West are less about Muslims themselves (of which many non-Muslims know little) and are more reflections about secular ambiguities.

For more information on the workshop, please click here.

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