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Introduction to/Introduction à DEDOOSE

Wed, February 19, 2014

Event/Évènement: Introduction to DODOOSE Workshop/ Atelier Introduction à DODOOSE

Facilitator/animatrice: Jing Feng (Doctoral candidate, University of Ottawa/Candidate au doctorat Université d'Ottawa)


Location/lieu: FSS 5027, University of/Université d’Ottawa

Presented by/présenté par: Ottawa Multicultural Media Initiative (OMMI)/L’Initiative des médias multiculturels d’Ottawa (IMMO)

Jing Feng is a Doctoral Candidate in Human Geography at the University of Ottawa. Her research interests lie in the ar-ea of social and economic integrations among immigrants in Canadian cities, as well as the way in which these integration processes influence immigrants’ everyday life in urban are-as. Applying both quantitative and qualitative research methods, Jing is currently writing her doctoral dissertation entitled “Geographies of Employment among Chinese High-tech Workers in Canada: An Ottawa case study.”

Dedoose is an online application for analysis of qualitative data, including transcripts of interviews and focus groups, as well as texts for content analy-sis. This workshop will offer an introduction to Dedoose web-based work-space and its key features. More specifically, participants of this workshop will learn how to prepare and import texts, create new projects, add and ap-ply codes, create descriptors, as well as organize and read excerpts.

*Veuillez prendre note que la présentation sera donnée en anglais et que la discussion se déroulera en anglais.
*Please note that the presentation will be delivered in English and that the discussion will be held in English.

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