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The Maritimes

Please find below a list of the research centres in the Maritimes.

Centre for Christianity and Culture

Hosted at the University of Prince Edward Island, the Centre for Christianity and Culture is a research and study centre focusing on Christianity’s impact and perspective on the intellectual and cultural life of Western civilization. Most importantly the Centre coordinates the intellectual life of those students who are interested in Christianity. It addresses their continued concerns and education on a daily basis, fosters dialogue, encourages engagement with political and social issues, and creates a genuine community. The Centre is primarily a concrete way of ensuring a lively presence of the Christian intellectual, cultural, and spiritual heritage in the life of the University, and PEI’s community.


RAVE Project
(Religion and Violence e-Learning)

RAVE’s mission is to help leaders in religious communities to support victims of abuse by giving them knowledge and tools, as well as to help victims directly towards healing. RAVE offers resources such as, classes, sermons to raise abuse awareness, shelter locations and prayers of hope and comfort, to clergy, women and the community at large in regards to abuse.


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Team Members' Publications

Numerous publications including books, edited volumes, journal articles, and reports have been written or edited by our Religion and Diversity Project team members. Please visit our recently updated “Team Members' Publications” page to obtain a detailed list of these publications and their bibliographic references. 


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Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs

Le Berkley Center at Georgetown University a été créé au sein du bureau de John J. DeGioia, Président de Georgetown, en mars 2006. Le centre a été conçu afin de miser sur les forces de Georgetown: l'excellence académique; son emplacement à Washington, DC; sa portée internationale et sa tradition catholique et jésuite d'ouverture aux autres religions et au vaste monde séculier. Le généreux soutien de William R. Berkley, un membre du conseil d'administration de l'université, a permis la croissance rapide du centre.

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