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Postdoctoral Fellows' Publications

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For your reading pleasure, a list of our postdcotoral fellows' publications. 

Postdoctoral Fellows

Al-Dabbagh, HarithHoverd, William
Al-Fartousi, May
Martinez-Arino, Julia
Barras, Amélie
Nabti, Mehdi
Behiery, Valerie
Pasche, Florence
Dabby, Dia
Stacey, Timothy
Dejean, Frédéric
Teinturier, Sara
Francis, Matthew
Vergani, Matteo
 Grigore, Monica 

Postdoctoral Fellows
Al-Dabbagh, Harith

Al-Dabbagh, Harith. 2013-2014. « Le statut juridique des minorités non-musulmanes en Irak: Heurs et malheurs du pluralisme juridique, » Annuaire Droit et Religions, 7 : 319-376.
Al-Dabbagh, Harith. 2004. La clause de réserve de propriété dans les ventes mobilières à crédit: Étude de droit comparé français et irakien, coll. « Centre Pierre Kayser », Aix-en-Provence, P.U.A.M.
Al-Dabbagh, Harith. 2003. La vente à tempérament Étude de droit comparé, Irbid, Editions Dar al-kitab al-hadith [published in Arabic].

Al-Fartousi, May

Al-Fartousi, May. 2016. “Enhancing contextualized curriculum: integrated identity in young Shi’i Muslim Arabic-Canadian students’ social worlds,” In Journal of Curriculum Studies, 48(2): 192-225.

Barras, Amélie

Barras, Amélie, S. Nicolet et F. Dermange. 2015-2016. « Réguler le Religieux dans les Sociétés Libérales?, » Labor et Fideshttp://www.laboretfides.com/?page_id=3&product_id=687242.

Barras, Amélie. 2014. Refashioning Secularisms in France and Turkey: The Case of the Headscarf Ban. Milton Park: Routledge Islamic Series. 

Barras, Amélie with J. Selby and L. Beaman. 2016. “Religion as Visible and Invisible in Public Institutions: Canadian Muslims Public Servants,” in Religion and the Exercise of Public Authority, edited by Benjamin Berger and Richard Moon, Hart Publishing.

Behiery, Valerie

Behiery, Valerie. “A Short History of the (Muslim) Veil,” In Implicit Religion, 16(4): 413–441.
Behiery, Valerie. 2009. « Discours alternatifs du voile dans l’art contemporain, » Dans Sociologie et sociétés, XLI, 2: 299-325.
Behiery, Valerie. “The Veiled Muslim Woman as Subject in Contemporary Art: The Role of Location, Autobiography, and the Documentary Image,” In Implicit Religion, 16(4): 387–412.

Dabby, Dia

Barras, Amélie, and Dia Dabby. 2014. "Only Skin Deep: Revising the Secular Narrative through Circumcision? A study of recent case-law”. In Globalized Religion and Sexuality, edited by Heather Shipley, 86-106. Leiden: Brill.

Dejean, Frédéric

Dejean, Frédéric. 2016. « L’encadrement urbanistique des lieux de culte : le pouvoir local à l’épreuve de la diversité religieuse à travers l’exemple de Montréal, » dans L'Information géographique.
Dejean, Frédéric. 2013. « État de littérature - La ‘justice spatiale’ : revue des savoirs francophones et anglophones, » dans Critique internationale, 61.

Francis, Matthew

Francis, Matthew. 2016. “Why the ‘sacred’ is a better resource than ‘religion’ for understanding terrorism,” In Terrorism and Political Violence, 28(5): 912-927.
Francis, Matthew. 2015. “Students’ perspective: the role of mentor and supervisor,” In Modernities, memory, mutations, Farnham : Ashgate.
Francis, Matthew, with A. Dinham and M. Francis. 2015. Religious literacy in policy and practice. Bristol: Policy Press. 256 p. ISBN: 9781447316657.
Francis, Matthew and A. van Eck Duymaer van Twist. 2015. “Religious literacy, radicalisation and extremism,” In Religious literacy in policy and practice, Bristol: Policy Press:257-270.

Grigore, Monica

Grigore, Monica. 2015. “Tamara’s Illness: Pilgrims, Fate, and Lived Religion in Post- Communist Romania,” In Religion and Society in Central and Eastern Europe, 7(1): 39-51.

Hoverd, William

Hoverd, William and K. Strehle. 2016. “The Atheist Bus Campaign in New Zealand: From Buses to Billboards,” In The Atheist Bus Campaign: Global Manifestations and Responses, edited by S. Tomlins and S. Bullivant, Brill Publishing.
Hoverd, William. 2016. “Implications for National Security from the 2016 Defence White Paper,” In Defence White Paper Symposium, Centre for Strategic Studies, NZIIA, & Centre for Defence and Security Studies.

Hoverd, William, C. Paul, and N. Nelson. 2014. “A Promising Thaw,” In Proceedings Magazine, 140(9/1,339): 60-65.

Martínez-Ariño, Julia

Martínez-Ariño, Julia with M. Griera. 2017. “The Accommodation of Religious Diversity in Prisons and Hospitals in Spain,” In Multireligious Society. Dealing with Religious Diversity in Theory and Practice, edited by F. Colom González and Gianni D'Amato, London & New York: Routledge: 251-266.
Martínez-Ariño, Julia. 2016. “Being Jew is like travelling by bus: Constructing Jewish identities in Spain between individualisation and group belonging,” In Journal of Religion in Europe, 9(4): 324-349.
Martínez-Ariño, Julia. 2016. « Grupos religiosos y gobierno local en interacción: Un estudio de caso en Francia, » In Sociedad y Religion, 46(26) : 201-223.

Martínez-Ariño, Julia with S. Lefebvre. 2016. “Resisting or Adapting? How Private Catholic High Schools in Quebec Respond to State Secularism and Religious Diversification,” In Eurostudia, 11(1): 19-44.

Nabti, Mehdi

Nabti, Mehdi. 2010. « Le mussem de Meknès. Le déclin d'une tradition spirituelle, » Dans L'Homme, 193.
Nabti, Mehdi. 2007. « Des soufis en banlieue parisienne : Mise en scène d'une spiritualité musulmane, » Dans Archives de sciences sociales des religions, 140.

Pasche, Florence

Pasche, Florence. Forthcoming. Comparative exercises in the study of religions: A differential exploration of feminine figures in religious contexts (version revisée de la thèse de doctorat, en préparation).

Pasche, Florence. Forthcoming. Mommy Nature. Natural Parenting at the Confluence of Religion, Environmentalism and Technology. (Projet de livre basé sur la recherche posdoctorale).
Pasche, Florence. 2016. “Lessons in Life on the Verge of Death: Spiritual Mothering in Ai Laṛkī by Hindi Author Krishna Sobti,” in Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement, 7(1).

Stacey, Timothy

Stacey, Tim. 2018. Myth and Solidarity in the Modern World: Beyond Religious and Political Division. Routledge.

Stacey, Tim. 2018. “The God-shaped hole in post-liberalism: why community development matters,” Radical Orthodoxy: Theology, Philosophy, Politics, 5(1).

Stacey, Tim. 2017. “Post-liberalism in the 21st century: from political theology to performative post-secularism,” in Neil Turnbull (ed.) Postliberalism, Eugene: Wipf
& Stock (2017).

Stacey, Tim. 2017. “A post-liberal idea of the person: religious and cultural strategies for persons as people,” in Benjamin Wood (ed.) Renewing the Self: Contemporary Religious Perspectives, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars.

Stacey, Tim. 2017. “Imagining solidarity in the 21st century: towards a performative postsecularism,” Religion, State and Society 45 (2), pp. 141-158.

Stacey, Tim. 2017. “Liberalism in Search of Vision: Restoring the connection between policy and lifestyle,” Radical Orthodoxy: Theology, Philosophy, Politics, 4 (1), pp. 172-199.

Stacey, Tim. 2015. with Pentaris, P. “Believing in belonging: belief and identity in the modern world,” Journal of Contemporary Religion, Vol. 29, pp. 567-569.

Stacey, Tim. 2012. “Workers of the world…love one another?” Telos, 160, pp. 183-191.

Teinturier, Sara

Teinturier, Sara. « L'Église et les bulles. Les représentations du catholicisme dans la bande dessinée francophone (années 1990-2010) », dans Études d'histoire religieuse (Québec), vol. 82, no 1, p. 57-74, 2016.

Teinturier, Sara. « L'enseignement catholique face à la diversité religieuse. Expériences françaises et québécoises », dans Mercier Charles, Warren Jean-Philippe (dir.), À l'école de la diversité, l'expression des identités religieuses en France et au Québec, Éditions Bord, p. 249-253, 2016.

Vergani, Matteo

Vergani, Matteo, Barton, G., and Iqbal, M. (forthcoming), “Beyond social relationships: investigating positive and negative attitudes towards violent protest within the same social movement,” In Journal of Sociology.
Iqbal, M., K. S. O’Brien, A.M. Bliuc and Matteo Vergani. 2016. “Death Reminders Increase Agreement With Extremist Views but Not Violent Extremist Action in Indonesian Muslims,” In Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Vergani, Matteo, A. Johns, M. Lobo and F. Mansouri. 2016. “Examining Islamic religiosity and civic engagement in Melbourne,” In Journal of Sociology.
Vergani, Matteo and E.M. Tacchi. 2016. “When Catholics turn right: the effects of the Islamic terrorism threat on the fragmented Catholic Italian voters,” In Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

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