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Bibliographies and Databases

Below are a number of useful bibliographies and databases compiled by our team members or student team members. The list will keep on growing, so be sure to check back frequently for new additions.


Databases and Case Law



Media and Religion Bibliography
Produced by Strand 1 as part of their year one research iniative. Compiled by David Michels.
The bibliography is available on Refshare.

Religion in Cascadia
Compiled by Paul Bramadat and Rachel Brown

Prison Chaplaincy: A Selective Bibliography
Produced by Strand 2 as part of their year one research initiative.
Compiled by James A. Beckford, Benjamin Berger and Ilona Cairns.
Bibliographies on Violence and Religion

Produced by Strand 3 as part of their year one research initiative.

Phase 1: Religion and Domestic Violence
Compiled by Cathy Holtmann, Barbara Fisher-Townsend and Steven McMullin.

Phase 2: Defining and addressing some gaps
Compiled by Pamela Dickey Young and Jillian Burford-Grinnell.

Muslim Women and Domestic Violence
Compiled by Jolene Roy under the supervision of Nancy Nason-Clark.

Forces of Law Bibliography
Produced by Strand 4 as part of their year one research initiative.
Compiled by Amy Fisher, Shari Golberg, and Paul Nahme under the supervision of Pamela Klassen.


Topics on Modern Muslim Women Database
This "Topics on Modern Muslim Women" database was compiled and edited by
Rubina Ramji
, Lucy MacDonald and Alyssa MacDougall. This research database
offers articles and media dealing with topics on Muslim women. 

Canadian Case Law Database
Contains a list of all Canadian court cases involving religion.
Compiled by Tera Bradford.

United States Supreme Court Cases 2000-2005
A collection of cases from 2000-2005 regarding religion that were presented
to the United States Supreme Court.
Compiled by Josee Trinh de Freitas.

European Court of Human Rights Cases 2009-2011
A collection of European Court of Human Rights Cases that deal with religion (2009-2011).
Compiled by Vanessa Dion-Lirette.

United Kingdom Case Law Database 2001-2012
A collection of UK court cases involving religion.
Compiled by Marianne Abou-Hamad.


Ontario Human Rights Commission Research: Negotiating Difference

Memo by Stephanie Voudouris, project developed by Benjamin Berger and Lori G. BeamanThis memo details methodology, themes and trends that  stemmed from reading Ontario Human Rights Tribunal cases, looking at  how parties interacted with one another prior to bringing an application before a formal adjudicative body (here the Tribunal).

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Research Centres

The Project is happy to provide information about research centres, initiatives and projects across Canada and beyond that are focusing on the examination of religion, diversity, pluralism and society through its “Research Centres” page. Led by our Team Member Pamela Klassen and housed at the University of Toronto, the mandate of the Religion in the Public Sphere initiative is to examine how religion manifests in public spaces, institutions, and interactions, and consider the challenges and possibilities of religious diversity in Toronto and around the globe. To learn more about this initiative, please click here.