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The Sociology and Religious Diversity YouTube channel offers a variety of short videos (2-3 minutes) on different topics related to religious diversity featuring scholars, religious leaders, and adherents.The videos feature:

To access the Sociology & Religious Diversity YouTube Channel and access the entire collection of videos, please click here. If you wish to select a video according to your specific interests, please click on the images below.



Nancy Nason-Clark
Cathy Holtmann

Introduction to resources used in teaching and learning about religious diversity in the university classroom.                                          


Nancy Ammerman
Boston University

Her research finding concerning Golden Rule Christians.

James A. Beckford
University of Warwick

His research on religion and prisons in the UK and in France.

Peter Beyer                   University of Ottawa

His research on emerging ethno-religious groups in Canadian society, in particular in relation to religion among the second generation.

Peter Beyer
University of Ottawa

His research on second generation Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists in Canada.

Donald Boisvert
Concordia University

His research on religion and sexuality.

Marie Cornwall
Brigham Young University

Her sociological research on steelworkers and gender practices among the Latter Day Saints.

Helen Rose Ebaugh
University of Houston

Her research on religion and immigrants.

Marion Goldman
University of Oregon

Her research on the West Coast of the United States with new religious movements.

Cathy Holtmann
University of Saskatchewan

Her research on Catholic women and religious agency.

Janet Jakobsen                  Barnard College

Her work on religion and sexuality in the United States.

Rebecca Johnson              University of Victoria

How we can better understand people who are different from ourselves through the study of narrative.

André Laliberté
University of Ottawa

His research on religion in China and Taiwan.

Vivian Lee

Her research on Hong Kong Canadians and Same Sex Marriage.

Meredith McGuire
Trinity University

Her research on lived religion in the United States.

Nancy Nason-Clark
University of New Brunswick

Her research on religion and domestic violence.

Nancy Nason-Clark
University of New Brunswick

She introduces the course SOCI 1593 and explains her research.

Mary Jo Neitz
University of Missouri

Her research process and how the relationships between a researcher  and her subjects can unexpectedly change.

Susan Palmer
Dawson College
Concordia University

Her research and publications on new religious movements.

Stefania Palmisano
University of Turin

Her research on new monastic movements.

Samuel Reimer
Crandall University

His research on Evangelical Christians in Canada and the United States.

Heather Shipley
Project Manager, Religion and Diversity Project

Her journey through academic life and how she became interested in researching gender, religion, sexuality, and the state.

James Spickard                    University of Redlands

Six ways of understanding religion in contemporary society.

James Spickard
University of Redlands

His research with the Catholic Worker movement in California.

Joel Thiessen
Ambrose University College

His research on active and marginal religious affiliates in Canada.

Tracy Trothen
Queen's University

How she became interested in researching subjects related to religion and embodiment.

Michael Wilkinson
Trinity Western University

His interest in researching forms of Christianity among new Canadian immigrants, in particular, Pentecostals.


Patricia Wittberg                Indiana University

Her experience of becoming a researcher and her research on
Catholic women's religious communities.

Linda Woodhead
Lancaster University

Her interest in research on religion and how it has led her to understand tactical and strategic agency among religious people.

Pamela Dickey Young
Queen's University

Her research on religion and sexuality in Canada.


Britt Bauman
PhD, University of Waterloo

Secularization in Canadian society and the role of churches in public debates on same sex marriage.

Paul Gareau

PhD, University of Montreal                         

His research on religious identity among evangelical Catholic youth in Canada (French).

Jolyne Roy

PhD Candidate, University of New Brunswick

Her work as a research assistant on creating a bibliography on the topic of Muslim women and domestic violence.
Religious Leaders

Terry Atkinson
Canadian Baptist Pastor

The challenge for his church in being relevant in the wider community.

Bill Brennan
Roman Catholic Priest

A controversy in the contemporary Catholic church.

Joseph Goldman
Rabbi, Sgoolai Israel Synagogue

The challenge of marrying within the Jewish community in Canada.

Keith Joyce
Dean, Anglican Church of Canada

The challenges of following Jesus in the Anglican Church.


Charlotte Campbell
Member of the United Church of Canada

How walking has become a meaningful religious practice for her.

Robert Larmer                 Conservative Christian

Why Ignatian spiritual practices are meaningful for him.

Lois Mitchell
Employee, Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches

How some Canadian Baptists are responding to climate change.

Deanna Moffitt
Seventh Day Adventist

Why reading scripture is a meaningful religious practice in her life.

Gloria Paul 

The solace she finds in cathedrals and the need for places of quiet retreat in life.

Shambhala Buddhist

Why meditation is a meaningful religious practice in her life.

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