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The Project

In this innovative project, Nancy Nason-Clark and Cathy Holtmann introduce resources they have used in teaching and learning about religious diversity in the university classroom. The goal of using these resources is to present another dimension alongside teaching material that integrates the use of online resources in education about religious diversity. This project also encourages professors to include assignments that require student to access and evaluate online resources that deal with religion. Keep on reading to find out how you can use those resources in your classroom.

How To Guide

Consult the 'How To Guide' to find out how to use online resources in teaching and learning about religious diversity with university students.The guide offers suggestions, including how to use a video as part of a class lecture and how to include assignments that require students to access and evaluate online resources on religion. The guide also offers a variety of links to different online resources.

Click on the icon below to access the 'How To Guide.'


Teaching Resources

Below is a list of teaching resources designed to assist professors in incorporating learning about the many dimensions of religious diversity into their courses. Some of these resources are included in the Linking Classrooms "How to Guide".

Resources included in the "How to Guide":

Additional teaching resources developed in related, separate projects:


Introductory Video

In this introductory video, Nancy Nason-Clark and Cathy Holtmann speak about how they have used a variety of technologies to enhance their teaching in encouraging university students to move from tolerance to a deeper appreciation and respect for religious diversity. Click on the image below to view this video.



The Sociology and Religious Diversity YouTube channel offers a variety of short videos (2-3 minutes) on different topics related to religious diversity featuring scholars, religious leaders, and adherents.The videos feature:

To access the Sociology & Religious Diversity YouTube Channel and access the entire collection of videos, please click here. If you wish to select a video according to your specific interests, please click on the icon below. 

Linking Classrooms Videos

Panels - Religious Leaders

Religious Leaders Panel - University of New Brunswick
Cathy Holtmann and Nancy Nason-Clark organised a public screening of the documentary "I Believe You: Faith’s Response to Intimate Partner Violence" followed by a Religious Leaders Panel at the University of New Brunswick. Following the screening, five religious leaders representing different faith groups each responded to the film and then members of the audience asked them questions. Watch the videos to find out what the religious leaders have to say.


Religious Leaders Panel - The Study of Religion in Atlantic
Canada Workshop
Paul Bowlby organised a religious leaders panel as part of the 2014 Study of Religion in Atlantic Canada workshop on the theme of "Moving Beyond the University", held at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The religious leaders were each invited to speak about the implications of the growth in religious diversity in Atlantic Canada as well as their perspectives on the changing nature of religious participation. Watch the videos to find out what the religious leaders have to say.


Why Organise a Religious Leaders Panel?
In their teaching of undergraduate courses on the sociology of religion at the University of New Brunswick, Nancy Nason-Clark and Cathy Holtmann have found that including a religious leader’s panel as part of the course can achieve several ends. Click here to learn how to organise a Religious Leaders Panel.

Linking Classrooms Seminar

Technology has compressed space and time, making it possible to engage in teaching and learning activities with people from around the world. The Linking Classrooms seminars are examples of how a few Religion and Diversity Project team members have used online tools such as university learning platforms, blogs, webinar software and Skype to connect. Students in theology, sociology and religious studies courses have deepened their understanding of religious diversity through online interaction with peers and professors from across Canada. To learn more about these seminars, please click here.

Photo Essays

The use of pictures in teaching undergraduate students about religious diversity can help to suspend stereotypes, especially when it comes to emotionally charged topics. These photo essays provide visual stories of how religion is woven into the everyday lives of some Canadians. Viewers can reflect on the suggested questions, read about the perspectives of the participants and researchers on the topics raised by the photo essays, and access information on related publications. To view the photo essays, please click here


You may contact Nancy Nason-Clark or Cathy Holtmann for additional information or if you have any questions on the Linking Classrooms project.

Start linking your classrooms! 

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