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Strand 1 - Religious Identity

How are religious identities socially constructed?

Strand 1 focuses on the social and cultural context in which people, institutions, and narratives conceptualize and construct religious identities. It critically assesses how religion is understood, shaped, and deployed as a category of identity within various discursive contexts such as the media, education, scientific research environments, and religious groups themselves.

Please find below the list of Strand 1 team members. Click on the links in order to read their biographies and research statements. Click here to read about the projects carried out by the Strand 1 team members.

Strand Leaders
Team Members
Beyer, Peter Bowlby, Paul
Lefebvre, Solange Bramadat, Paul
Brodeur, Patrice
Helland, Christopher
Palmer, Susan
Reimer, Samuel
Wilkinson, Michael

 Peter Beyer

Peter Beyer (Co-investigator)

University of Ottawa
Professor, Department of Classics and Religious Studies

Biography and Research Statement

Paul W.R. Bowlby (Co-investigator)

Saint Mary’s University
Professor and Chairperson, Department of Religious Studies

Biography and Research Statement

Paul Bramadat (Co-investigator)

University of Victoria
Director, Centre for Studies in Religion and Society
Associate Professor, Department of History and the Religious Studies Program

Biography and Research Statement

Patrice Brodeur (Collaborator)

Université de Montréal
Professeur, Faculté de théologie et de sciences des religions
Titulaire de la Chaire du Canada Islam, pluralisme et globalisation

Biography and Research Statement (French)

Christopher Helland (Co-investigator)

Dalhousie University
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

Biography and Research Statement

Solange Lefebvre (Co-investigator)

Université de Montréal
Full Professor, Faculté de théologie et de sciences des religions
Chair for the Management of Cultural and Religious Diversity

Biography and Research Statement

Susan Palmer (Collaborator)

Dawson College
Professor, Department of Religion

Biography and Research Statement

Samuel Reimer (Collaborator)

Crandall University
Professor, Department of Sociology

Biography and Research Statement

Michael Wilkinson (Co-investigator)

Trinity Western University
Professor, Department of Sociology
Director, Religion in Canada Institute

Biography and Research Statement

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Team Members' Publications

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