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Strand 2 - Defining, Delimiting

How is religious expression defined and delimited in law and public policy?

Strand 2 considers the ways that religion is defined and delimited in the context of law and public policy. The aim is to trace the relation between the ideals associated with freedom of religion and state neutrality and the practical expression of these ideals in social, political and legal practices.

Please find below the list of Strand 2 team members. Click on the links in order to read their biographies and research statements. Click here to read about the projects carried out by the Strand 2 team members.


Strand Leaders
Team Members
Beaman, Lori G. Amiraux, Valérie
Beckford, James A. Berger, Benjamin L.
Emon, Anver
Gaudreault-DesBiens, Jean-François
James, William Closson
Moon, Richard
Richardson, James T.
Sullivan, Winnifred F.


Valérie Amiraux (Co-investigator)

Université de Montréal
Associate Professor, Département de sociologie
Canada Research Chair for the Study of Religious Pluralism and Ethnicity

Biography and Research Statement (French)

Lori G. Beaman (Project Director)

University of Ottawa
Full Professor, Department of Classics and Religious Studies
Canada Research Chair in the Contextualization of Religion in a Diverse Canada

Biography and Research Statement

James A. Beckford (Co-investigator)

University of Warwick
Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology

Biography and Research Statement

Benjamin L. Berger (Co-investigator)

Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
Associate Professor

Biography and Research Statement

Anver Emon

Anver Emon (Co-investigator)

University of Toronto
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law

Biography and Research Statement

Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens (Collaborator)

Université de Montréal
Professor, Faculté de droit
Titulaire de la Chaire de recherche du Canada en identités juridiques et culturelles nord-américaines et comparées

Biography and Research Statement

William James

William Closson James (Collaborator)

Queen's University
Professor Emeritus, Department of Religious Studies

Biography and Research Statement

Richard Moon (Collaborator)

University of Windsor
Professor, Faculty of Law

Biography and Research Statement

James T. Richardson (Collaborator)

University of Nevada, Reno
Professor, Department of Sociology

Biography and Research Statement

Winnifred F. Sullivan (Co-investigator)

Indiana University Bloomington
Professor, Department Chair, Department of Religious Studies
Affiliate Professor of Law, Maurer School of Law

Biography and Research Statement

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Team Members' Publications

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