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Team Members

The Religion and Diversity Project counts 37 team members from across the globe. The project was led by an executive committee and was organised into four (4) strands – each with specific goals and all leading toward achieving common objectives. Click on the strand(s) below to learn more about our team members and read their biographies and research statements. 

Executive Committee

Beaman, Lori G. (Project Director)         Lefebvre, Solange
Beckford, James
Klassen, Pamela
Beyer, Peter
Nason-Clark, Nancy
Eisenberg, Avigail
Young, Pamela Dickey



Research Strands

Strand 1
Religious Identity


Strand 2
Defining, Delimiting

Strand Leaders:
Strand Leaders:
Beyer, Peter Beaman, Lori G.
Lefebvre, Solange
Beckford, James A. 

Team Members:
Team Members:
Bowlby, Paul Amiraux, Valérie
Bramadat, Paul James, William Closson
Brodeur, Patrice Berger, Benjamin
Helland, Christopher Emon, Anver
Palmer, Susan Gaudreault-DesBiens, Jean-François
Reimer, Samuel Moon, Richard
Wilkinson, Michael Richardson, James
Sullivan, Winnifred F. 
Strand 3


Strand 4
Alternative Strategies
Strand Leaders:

Strand Leaders:

Nason-Clark, Nancy Eisenberg, Avigail
Young, Pamela Dickey
Klassen, Pamela
Team Members:
Team Members:
Bakht, Natasha Ahmed, Rukhsana
Boisvert, Donald Bouma, Gary
Fournier, Pascale Knott, Kim
Guénif-Souilamas, Nacira Kurien, Prema
Johnson, Rebecca Laliberté, André
Ramji, Rubina Ryder, Bruce
Woodhead, Linda Thériault, Barbara

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Team Members' Publications

Numerous publications including books, edited volumes, journal articles, and reports have been written or edited by our Religion and Diversity Project team members. Please visit our recently updated “Team Members' Publications” page to obtain a detailed list of these publications and their bibliographic references. 


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