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Have you ever wondered about religious diversity in Canada?

What challenges does it present? What opportunities does it offer?

Our team of 37 researchers from across the globe is looking at these questions and weighing in on religious issues in Canada and abroad from a variety of perspectives including: religion, law, communication, sociology, history, political science, education and philosophy. If you want to challenge the way you think, keep on browsing to find out about exciting events taking place on and off campus, to read thought-provoking research findings and learn more about current news events. Open your mind and be daring.

What's New...

Congratulations to Student Team Member Mathilde Vanasse-Pelletier. She has received a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for her Master’s research project based on postcolonial feminist theories, the study of new religious movements and the reception theories of media productions.

Congratulations to our team member Rukhsana Ahmed. The volume she co-edited with Isaac Nahon-Serfaty entitled "New Media and Communication Across Religions and Cultures," has been published. Please click here for more information.

The State Government of Victoria (Australia) released a policy statement entitled “Victoria’s Advantage – Unity, Diversity, and Opportunity” in which team member Gary Bouma had input. Please click here for more information.

Ongoing Research Projects - Religion and Diversity Project

Christian Churches and Immigration: Integration and Identity

Team members Samuel Reimer and Michael Wilkinson received a 2013-14 Innovation Grant from the Religion and Diversity Project for their research project entitled "Christian Churches and Immigration: Integration and Identity." To date, team member Samuel Reimer and Alisha Maskery (research assistant) have completed three focus groups (Moncton, Shediac and Halifax), along with several individual interviews and church site visits. They have found that many churches, and volunteers from those churches, are involved in supporting immigrants and sponsoring refugees.

Samuel Reimer and Michael Wilkinson, along with other members of the “Christian churches and immigration” research team will present preliminary findings of this research at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Brock University in May 2014.


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E-Journal Regulating Religion

The meaning of secularism has been subject to vivid debates in and outside academia for the last decade. Rachel Sweet Vanderpoel's article explores how these debates unfold in Kenya. She discusses how the High Court of Kenya draws on definitions of secularism from other national contexts to fabricate a universal consensus on religion and secularism; delegitimizing in so doing local minority understandings of religion.


Boundaries of Religious Freedom

Book proposals are invited for this new Springer book series. Find out more.


Cultural and Religious Identity among 18-40 Year-olds in Canada

Are you between the ages of 18 and 40 and Living in Canada? Interested in participating in a survey regarding cultural and religious identity? Please click here for more information.