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Challenge or opportunity?

Examining religious diversity in Canada and the world.

Our team of 37 researchers from across the globe is looking at these questions and weighing in on religious issues in Canada and abroad from a variety of perspectives including: religion, law, communication, sociology, history, political science, education and philosophy. If you want to challenge the way you think, keep on browsing to find out about exciting events taking place on and off campus, to read thought-provoking research findings and learn more about current news events. Open your mind and be daring.What's New...


Congratulations to our Team Member Winnifred F. Sullivan who has received an "Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion: Analytical - Descriptive Studies" from the American Academy of Religion (AAR) for her book A Ministry of Presence: Chaplaincy, Spiritual Care, and the Law. This award recognises new scholarly publications that make significant contributions to the study of religion. For more information, please click here

The book entitled A Sociology of Prayer, edited by Giuseppe Giordan and our Team Member Linda Woodhead, has been published by Ashgate. The volume contributors draw from religion, sociology of religion, anthropology, and historical perspectives, they focus on prayer as a social as well as a personal matter and situate prayer in the conditions of complex late modern societies worldwide. For a more detailed description of this book and to learn more about the editors, please click here.
We invite you to discover the recently published volume entitled Living with Religious Diversity, edited by Sonia Sikka, Bindu Puri, and our Project Director Lori G. Beaman. This book explores ways of fostering respectful, non-violent and welcoming social relations among religious communities, and features chapters by our Team Members Linda Woodhead and Solange Lefebvre. To learn more about this volume, please click here.

Noteworthy Annoucements

Read about announcements, special mentions and noteworthy activities involving the Religion and Diversity Project team members. Click here to access our "Noteworthy" page.

Religion and Diversity Project Ongoing Research Projects

Religion and Diversity Project - Innovation Grants 2015-2016

The Religion and Diversity Project is pleased to fund the following research projects for 2015-2016. Congratulations to the following team members: 

Rukhsana Ahmed
  • Project: "Religion and Organ Donation: Knowledge and Attitudes toward Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation among Christians Living in Canada"
Paul Bramadat
  • Project: "Cascadian Spirituality: Religion, Nature, and Social Inclusion in the Pacific Northwest"
Christopher Helland
  • Project: "Mediating the Tibet Resettlement Project in Canada: An Assessment of the Impact of New Media on Religion and Diversity"
Solange Lefebvre 
  • Project: "Radicalisation et contre/dé-radicalisation : une analyse des politiques publiques et de débats médiatiques au Québec et au Canada"
Barbara Thériault
  • Project: "La religion en miniature : chroniques radiophoniques"

For more information on these research projects, please click here

August 18, 2015

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Scholars as Resources

We are pleased to have added Francesca Raimondo, a Visiting Researcher at Osgoode Hall Law School (York University, Toronto), to our list of "Scholars as Resources". Francesca studies the issues surrounding the Islamic headscarf and focuses mainly on the Canadian context. Her research interests include: comparative public law, constitutional law, law and religion, law and society, and freedom of religion. For more information on Francesca’s research, please click here


Team Members in the News

Our "Team Members in the News" section highlights the media coverage received by the Religion and Diversity Project and its team members. In this section, you will find articles in which the team members or the project are featured, or instances where they have been interviewed or provided an expert opinion on a current issue. To visit this page, please click here.


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E-Journal - Regulating Religion

How does religion adapt to traffic laws? And how do traffic laws adapt to religion? Raphaël Mathieu Legault Laberge explores these original questions through his study of the Old Order in Ontario, who travel by carriage as they are prohibited from owning a car. The article clearly outlines the negotiation process between the members of the Old Order and the provincial government, both called upon to make concessions. Please click here to read this article.